How to become an expert in Investment Management!

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The social and economic impact of COVID-19 is something unheard of. The market has also been reacting negatively to such news. In such uncertain times, all investors are wondering what they should be doing next. As per the market experts, in times like this, the investors should think long-term rather than looking at near-term losses.

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Spend some today, earn more tomorrow!

Whether the market is in crisis or not, an investor has to follow three things. One, he has to be a regular investor. You must always have some savings to do regularly. Second, be a long-term investor. It is always the time in the market that makes the money for you. Third, follow a disciplined asset allocation. Always maintain a balance between equities, debt and real estate. A few of the investments in your portfolio may have maximum risk, but when you combine a portfolio with debt, equity, real estate and commodities, your returns will still be positive or moderate.

If you want to pursue your career in investment, it is recommended to get a certified course in investment as you will have an official certificate and will also be an expert in the stock market. To get into the nitty- gritties of Investment management and the stock market, BSE Institute Ltd offers an Executive course on this. To know more, please visit

Why Financial Journalism is the most trending field in India?

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Financial Journalism is the most demanding and sought-after field in India. Even during this uncertainty, the stock markets are edging higher each day. New industry leaders are coming up and with Sensex and Nifty controlling the market, there is a need for highly specialized, expert journalists who can make sense of what is happening in the business realm.

Financial journalists not only keep track of the market trends, but they also report on how the country is making progress as it gears up to become a business superpower in the world. As per the report, there is a 30% increase in demand for trained financial journalists as the economic state of our country is rapidly changing.

Financial journalists are also the watchmen who keep an eye on where the investors’ and common man’s money is being used by the government as well as the growth of infrastructure. To cater to this growing demand for the financial journalist, BSE Institute Ltd offers a course on this to know more, please visit `

Read how you can overshine in your organization!

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If you are a mid-level or senior-level executive who wants to join an elite group of proven business leaders, you need to follow a succession plan! Today, with the dynamic and hyper-linked work environment, a company needs an effective leader who can completely transform the work environment in this digital era. An institution cannot merely remain competitive only in one of the few dimensions of business performances such as cost, quality, services, or speed. To remain ahead of the competition and to survive on this aggressive corporate globe, organizations need to strive for excellence in all dimensions. To achieve the organizational goal, companies are looking for executives who can make decisions and strategic planning in the uncertainty period. 

As per the survey, nearly 65% of organizations need such skillful and effective leaders. So, the scope of and Advanced Manager comes into the picture! To meet the growing demand for Advanced Management Professional, BSE Institute Ltd offers a course! Here, we would encourage the participants to reflect on the debate, synthesize, and analyze different points of view. These inputs will enable you to improve the organizational practices with those of others and thus set the stage for effective strategic leadership. So, if you are interested to know more about our course, please visit

The Indian Wealth Management is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 11% by 2025

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Interestingly, more Indians are joining the millionaires club, and wealth management is gaining immense popularity. Even after the pandemic, the Indian markets have managed to handle the crisis and soon we will be experiencing an economic boom. The huge chunks these millionaires possess need to be managed well and thus the increasing demand for a Wealth Manager comes into the picture!

As per the reports, Indian wealth management is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 11% by 2025. India is becoming one of the most sought after services as the affluent mass segment, increase in the wealth of global Indians and rising share of the organized market players such as independent wealth advisors and small brokers as financial advisors are further fuelling growth in the market. Wealth management in our country is still prospering and also proves to be a promising profession for the aspirants. So if you wish to be a Wealth Manager, BSE Institute offers a course on this! To know more, please visit:…/programs/wealth-management-online-course

Risk Manager is the highest demanded job role this lockdown!

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Due to the advent of Coronavirus, the risk of the unknown has increased with increasing unemployment, salary cuts and industries on lockdown, which has resulted in the economic downfall. Looking at the crisis, the demand for Risk managers have expanded!

Individuals with a certified risk manager qualification are in high demand in the financial institutions, banks and share market. Risk managers, if coordinated well with the investment team, they can save the drowning company.

The scope of risk governance and risk mitigation is expected to widen. Risk managers will be a key asset to every organization. Risk management provides one of the best working opportunities and hence it is one of the hottest career choices not only in India but around the world. The average salary of a Risk Manager is also quite attractive, thus making the job role more demanding. If you aspire to become a Risk Manager, BSE Institute Ltd offers a course on this. To know more, please visit:

How to manage your Investments amid COVID pandemic

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The social and economic impact of COVID-19 is something unheard of. The market has also been reacting negatively to such news. In such uncertain times, all the investors are wondering what they should be doing next. As per the market experts, in times like this, the investors should think long-term rather than looking at near-term losses.

Whether the market is in crisis or not, an investor has to follow three things. One, he has to be a regular investor. Many people follow Income – Expenses = Savings. However, Income – Savings = Expenses are recommended by the investment experts. That way, you will always have some savings to do on a regular basis. Second, be a long-term investor. It is always the time in the market that makes the money for you. Third, please follow a disciplined asset allocation. Always maintain a balance between equities, debt and real estate. Now, bonds and real estate investments are volatile. But when you combine a portfolio with debt, equity, real estate and commodities, your returns will still be positive or moderate.

It is recommended that you stick to what you are doing and do not tinker too much with your investment right now. If you are a conservative investor, go into large caps. If you are an average investor, go for multip caps. And if you are an aggressive investor, invest in small and mid-caps. If you want to get into the nitty- gritties of Investment management, BSE Institute Ltd offers an Executive course on this.

To know more, please visit…/investment-management-online-course.html

Business Laws you should be aware of

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Your business might be a separate entity on paper, but it is always going to be close to your heart. After all, your business is the bread and butter for all practical purposes.

So, what makes a business run smoothly in the longer run? A lot of you might say “sales”. Of course, sales is important and growth in sales every year is a positive sign. This is only possible if the business is doing business ethically as per the law of the land.

Business’ engaging in unethical practices come under the radar at some point of time, leading to a mega boycott by its consumers, suppliers and Government – which eventually making it a business from the past.

Different countries have different business laws. There are a few laws that are common, and a few that are different in each and every country.

Following business laws is very important as –

  1. You want your business to continue for a long time
  2. You don not want to end up in jail
  3. Your business has to be eligible for local, national and international contracts.

When in India, there are few business laws that every single business owner must know.

Business Formation Law

Before you start a business, you need to choose the type of business you wish to run. Are you planning to run a company that is public, a business with limited liability, sole proprietorship, or family business.

Once this is done, the owner must register his company with his regional Registrar of Companies (RoC).

Finance laws

Business runs on money and during the early days it is important to invest sufficient amount of money to keep your ship afloat.

Mainly, there are 3 ways to fund your business:

  1. Equity: By selling equity shares of your business, you bring cash in return which will help you grow your business.
  2. Debt: You incur a debt by taking out loan for your business at a fixed interest rate.
  3. Self-finance: This doesn’t need an explanation. You take money from your savings to fund your business.

Employment laws

You might be the only person working for your business during its early stages, but eventually when your business grows, you will have to start hiring.

When you have employees working for you, you must abide by labour laws and have agreements in place to ensure there are no conflicts in future. Ensuring you meet all labour/ employee law requirements may sometimes require you to hire consultants.

Intellectual Property Laws

If you have A business that invests heavily in research and development and builds new proprietory products – you need to be careful about Intellectual Property laws. It is necessary that you have a copyright, trademark, or patent it so that others cannot copy it.

Information technology laws

The use of technology in almost every single business is mandatory. It is also important to adapt to new technologies so that your business doesn’t lose out on efficiency.

Technology is the life blood of businesses now, but that comes at the risk of online threats. This is why the Government of India has introduced the IT act so that your identity and privacy is legally protected.

Contract laws

This is one of the most important laws to know. The laws that we spoke about until now thrive because of the contract law. This is a contract where both the parties unanimously agree to the stipulated conditions mentioned in the and agree to work together.

This needs to be communicated rightly so that there’s no dispute later on.


All major business players in the Indian market are known to abide by business laws to conduct business in India and the World. Only with clean books of accounts can the local and national population trust   a business. This is important for bidding for local, national and international contracts. This ensures longevity and a stable growth for the business.

BSE Institute Limited’s Executive Program in Securities and Business Law is all you need for building a stable empire, built on sound legal guidelines and trust. Join now!


Art of Portfolio Management

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When you look at a financially stable person, you often wonder, “how do they do that”? What differentiates a financially stable and unstable person is their respective investment portfolios.

Today, if you are young and reading this, consider it to be your lucky day. Investing young and building an investment portfolio can take you places. If you know the power of compounding, you will realize how important investing is.

So, where do we begin?

Planning your investment portfolio is not easy. It is quite challenging, even more if you are not good with your personal finance. First of all, managing your portfolios is not simply about, “which stocks to buy”, and “which stocks to sell”. Portfolio management requires self discipline, patience, and a bit of knowledge about the companies you wish to invest in.

I’m not going to talk about the stocks to buy today, instead I will talk about how to build your portfolio and stand out!

Risk taking ability

The first question you must answer before investing and building your portfolio is, what is your risk taking appetite. The stock market today is like a restaurant which offers you variety of food to choose from.

You need to understand that some might have higher risks,but at the same time has the potential to give higher returns.

Similarly, there are shares that come with lesser risks, but the returns could be comparatively lesser. It is up to you to decide your appetite and hand pick the right stocks.

Another important step that you need to take, while deciding your risk taking appetite is to decide your short, medium and long term goals. This will help you construct your portfolio in a better way.

If your appetite for risks is extremely low, you could simply invest in mutual funds which is a much safer option. There are various types of mutual funds in India, starting from equity funds, debt funds, index funds, etc.

Assessing the external financial situation

The next step is crucial- to come up with an investment strategy. By assessing the economic situation of the market, you will be able to predict about the future. This assessment combined with your needs could help you plan for the future.

Since, the market landscape is bound to change with time, it is important that you always keep an eye on it and adjust your portfolio accordingly to reduce losses and maximize gains.

Build your portfolio

Now to the final step. Once you have done your analysis, you can finally start building your portfolio by allocating the necessary asset classes and securities. You can always hire a portfolio manager for expert suggestions. It is important to understand that the whole objective is to minimize the risks and attain your investment goals.

You should not see your investments as a source of long term income. Instead, look at it as a business which could help you make money without actually participating in any business. Once you look at it through a business’ perspective you will realize the impact it could have on your wealth and the benefits that are meant to follow.

Once you have built your investment portfolio, you can relax and continue to keep an eye on the market. Make the appropriate changes as per the market scenario and stick to the strategy.

All the steps we saw are part of a cycle, therefore an investor must ensure that he keeps going about the same steps during suitable intervals. This will ensure that your portfolio is stable and your graph is moving towards your goals.


The world could be a much better place if everyone was financially literate and focused on making their money work for them instead of working for money.

When it comes to the stock market, the potential is endless. BSE Institute Limited’s Executive Program in Wealth Management is a course built for you to exploit the potential of the stock market and multiply your portfolio. This is your chance to learn something incredibly important and secure your future.

Is Data Science the right step for you?

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Every day is a tech-fest. New technologies, new updates to existing technologies, and hefty increase in investments in research and development. Data Science is a completely new industry that uses many tools that help an MNC multiply its business with ease.

You may have come across terms like data science, data analytics, big data, predictive analytics, etc which will herald a completely new industry with high paying jobs and a secure career. This is definitely true, as big data is helping many businesses sell much more than what they were used to selling. There are companies that are hiring data analytics professionals, because this will increase their efficiency and save them billions of Dollars in wasteful expenditure!

Before you get too excited, let’s answer a few basic questions.


Is Data Science right for you?

A person who doesn’t enjoy his work will be tempted to try a different opportunity instantly. Moreover, a field like data science is paying quite well, due to a dearth of skilled talent.

Let’s settle this by saying, you’re not going to succeed in this field if you don’t have the aptitude for it. You need to have a strong aptitude for mathematics, statistics and common logic for succeeding in this field.


Which skills does the industry need?

A Data Analytics division can be sub-divided into different categories.

  1. One of them is data analysis. It involves analyzing raw data, and ultimately getting actionable insights that can be used by the senior management for critical decision making.

A person who enjoys solving complex business issues is sure to succeed here.

  1. The next category is Business Analysis. Managers with business exposure and who regularly take business decisions are an ideal match for this. More data gives them a better picture and lets them act using information.


  1. The final category, which is definitely the most important one – is that of data scientists. They are the some of the best paid professionals in India and the World. Every Data Analyst and Business Analyst hopes to grow and attain this position. This requires certain standard of skill set, specialized training, and a statistical problem solving approach that matches this job. Having a few years of experience as an analyst is useful. Data Scientists are usually the ones designing key analytics models that help in understanding the industry, consumer markets and consumers themselves.


Entering the industry

Candidates who have practical experience are always preferred over the ones with academic knowledge. When it comes to academics, a candidates with a background in Mathematics, Engineering, and Statistics might have an edge over the rest. These are a few streams which skills which are useful for Data Analytics.

Where to start?

To get a better idea of what Data Analytics has, you could simply opt for one of the online courses on data analytics by Along with that, assess yourself and gain skills that could help you be better to be industry ready.


We are part of a fast moving world, that demands everyone to be versatile. To keep you up with latest industry trends, BSE Institute Limited and IIT Madras offers a Business Analytics Program to nurture the budding data scientists.


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“Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal” – Walt Disney

As a child, you might remember the times you were chosen to be a leader. It needn’t be for a huge event. It could even be the time you were elected as the captain of your cricket team while playing.

How did you feel in that very moment? I remember how I felt. I could feel a sense of responsibility on my shoulders, to make sure my team performs well, and wins the match.


People often look at a leader and say that he/she is a born leader. Do you really think a person is born with all the qualities to be a leader? The answer is ‘NO’.

Although, yes, there are some people who are born with certain qualities that help them lead, but in the end, it is all about how eager you are to learn from your mistakes and bounce back.

How effective are you when it comes to observing the people around you. There are people who go through different experiences, which makes them behave differently. These help a leader understand the differences that exist among people. It is a vital experience for a leader’s growth.

Basically, a leader is someone who is willing to learn and grow through experiences and be the better version of himself all the time.

We as human beings tend to be different. We have different personalities, habits, interests, etc. But when it comes to leadership, there are certain values that you need to inculcate in yourself. This includes treating people the right way, making sure they are motivated at all times, working towards a common goal and being available to your people.

This will make sure that they look up to you every time they are in trouble, and most importantly, they will have your back when required.

During the tough times, you will be the ray of hope for them, who can guide them from the point of struggle to the point of victory. This is the essence of any leader and something every single employee will expect in his superior.


A business during its early stage is like a baby. You need to be very careful and conscious about your decisions because the decisions that you take in the start will make sure how strong your roots are.

One of the common problems faced by a business is when they start hiring. When an employee is hired, it is necessary to make sure that the person is well aware about the goals, the values and cultures of the company. This will give him an idea as to how he should work, and the importance of his contribution. The employees will lose motivation if they feel that there’s no clear idea for the business.

Moreover, most of the employees who join a company hope to be a part of a business which helps the world. Therefore, the leader of the organization is expected to align the business goals (monetary) with things that have a positive impact on the world.

This is a good point to speak about in “Corporate Culture”. Culture is not something the employers or leaders make, it is something that the employee witnesses every single day. To ensure a positive culture, it is important to make sure that the right people are hired for the right jobs. This ensures that the people working are competent and are really interested in what they are doing.

Similarly, communication is something that needs to be focused on. A lot of the things discussed between top executives never reach the employees. Transparency in communication helps maintaining a positive culture in the organization. An organization which follows these values can feel the positive atmosphere around itself.

This can be done through one-on-one session which will make the employee comfortable in giving out their opinion. You could ask for feedback on the current culture surrounding the work and suggestions to make it better. A thorough and an honest dialogue will inculcate a sense of inclusiveness among the employees, and this will motivate them to be better.


I’ve read about some of the most famous business leaders but none of them have impressed me as much as Henry Ford. There’s something about him that makes you feel that he’s one of the most successful leader.

Ford wasn’t just someone who used to think about the end consumers. He valued the workers at his firm as much as he valued any other person. He exemplified this by paying a good sum of money to his workers so that they could afford the cars that they make.

He was also a firm believer of the fact that you should surround yourself with like minded people who would motivate you to be better and push your limits. He made sure he hired some very motivated personnel who would work hard for the firm, and believed in his vision for the company.

The man was the epitome of leadership, who valued the small things and knew that these were the things that would help his business eclipse the rest.


The digital age or the modern age is moving and changing rapidly. You can get queries and opinions through digital means at any given point. From stakeholder queries to employees, you’re answerable to each question. This calls for you to be ready with the answers at any given point.

The decisions you take must be taken after a clear thinking process and should ensure that there’s a genuine reason for taking a particular decision. Communication here is the key. A smooth and convincing flow of words will establish the fact that you have a better idea about running the business.

This is where an in depth knowledge in history, human interaction and philosophy can do wonders for you! This is extremely important because no matter which business you are part of, you’ll always have a team with whom you’d have to interact with.

The people in your team need to be understood and trained accordingly in order to get the job done in an efficient way. A peoples man will always be able to get the work done from his team and at the same time maintain a positive attitude.


The modern world of business is a very different landscape from the past. It is constantly evolving and this calls for the leaders to be versatile. No one is born with all the qualities needed to be a leader. However, it is the ones who easily accept changes who reach the top of their industry.

Normal people become great leaders by focusing on areas that are ignored by others. This is what gives the great leaders an edge over the rest, which results in a positive impact on the whole business.

BSE Institute Limited and IIM Lucknow offer the Advanced Management Program, which helps you become an ideal leader of a modern business. Be the leader your troops need to win the business battle!