Why Financial Journalism is the most trending field in India?

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Financial Journalism is the most demanding and sought-after field in India. Even during this uncertainty, the stock markets are edging higher each day. New industry leaders are coming up and with Sensex and Nifty controlling the market, there is a need for highly specialized, expert journalists who can make sense of what is happening in the business realm.

Financial journalists not only keep track of the market trends, but they also report on how the country is making progress as it gears up to become a business superpower in the world. As per the report, there is a 30% increase in demand for trained financial journalists as the economic state of our country is rapidly changing.

Financial journalists are also the watchmen who keep an eye on where the investors’ and common man’s money is being used by the government as well as the growth of infrastructure. To cater to this growing demand for the financial journalist, BSE Institute Ltd offers a course on this to know more, please visit `https://bsevarsity.com/products/executive-program-in-financial-journalism-online-course

Global Financial Markets recoups amid the pandemic!

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Global Financial Markets surprised all investors and economic pundits as they recovered almost all the losses that occurred due to the global pandemic. Indices like SENSEX, NASDAQ and NIFTY made a new lifetime high, whereas Brazilian Bovespa and other emerging markets outperformed by 67 percent. Financial Market experts and economists, who predicted a negative outcome had to take back their words.

Jumbo stimulus packages announced by the central banks seem to be the reason behind this unpredicted recoup. But, a thing to worry about is the fact that institutions like IMF and World Bank were forecasting slowdown for the near future even before the pandemic broke out. So it is advisable for all the traders to remain alert without developing any fear as fall can be a minimum of 10 percent as happened in the past. Global Financial Markets is a wonderful place to follow as it witnesses volatility. To make our youth career-ready in Global Financial Markets, BSE Institute Ltd offers a course on this. To know more, please visit http://gfmp.bsebti.com/

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Should you pursue a mid-career management program?

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When Albert Einstein was a professor at Oxford his students once asked, “Dr. Einstein, aren’t these the same questions as last year’s physics final exam?” to which the wise professor replied, “Yes, but this year the answers are different.”. Change is the most fundamental driving force behind human evolution and he who denies it or cannot keep up with the pace will inevitably be left behind. The problems of today cannot be answered with the practices of yesterday. You may have joined an elite B-School in the early 2000s but let’s just take a moment to appreciate how much for instance the financial markets have changed in that very duration. Since the early 2000s, a string of events has defined new age practices in the field of wealth management and risk management.

From the get-go, we had problems like the war on terror which put otherwise safe risk management practices like heavily investing in oil and natural gas at significant crosshairs on a global scale. The more famous example happens to be the 2008 financial crisis which saw significant market disruptions. For example, investment practices have shifted from personal capital investments to safer options like mutual funds and crowdfunding.

Among the many lessons the current pandemic has taught us, one is the importance of being relevant in the market right now. Not only are young recruits not been taken, but mid-career individuals are also at a loss with how to not only better their position but retain the same. Under these circumstances, polishing one’s skillsets in particular domains. Now obviously we have to take into consideration the practical limitations particularly during the onset of this crisis where it is impossible for one to go attend evening classes.

Online courses have been the norm for quite some time now, not only does it save a lot of time and energy on the part of the person undertaking said course but it also helps them get the individual un-diverted access to world-class courseware which otherwise would have been difficult to attain. The sole reason this deserves a consideration currently is because of the severe changes happening to the financial markets in the current days and the changes in wealth management, general management, and risk management practices that the professional might witness.

A particular observation that many career specialists around the world which in start dissent with the majority opinion happens to be the idea or the will to promote a fixed mindset instead of a growth mindset. Career planning should be given more attention than to just hold on to a job and allow oneself to be shielded from the opportunities that they fail to even recognize. It is a strategic step that the more mature choice makers will incline towards. A reason why a certain field like wealth and risk management requires their most experienced practitioners to through online management courses is because of the ability of such programs, the reason being the heavy influx of technology the goes into the functioning of the financial markets of today. This has resulted in an assessment of the skill gap and a mid-career management online program is certainly one of the most alluring opportunities that mid-level managers must undertake to be relevant in the market. In the wild west of the corporate jungle, if one cannot constantly upscale then he shall become obsolete which is not an amicable situation for any employer or employee.

With all that being said, going through such a course is not merely about learning a skill or two or about being up to date and market-relevant. Another thing that is of tremendous importance is the sheer networking opportunity such convergent platforms boast of. It is arguably one of the, if not the best step you can take to advance your career to greener pastures.

Why is upgrading one’s skills post COVID important?

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The coronavirus outbreak has led to a recession in the world economy. The Global finance market is experiencing high volatility. The unemployment rate has increased rapidly amid pandemic, raising career concerns. The second wave of coronavirus in major economies of the world can further delay the recovery. The current situation caused by the coronavirus is expected to end with the invention of vaccines for COVID-19 but the financial damage caused by coronavirus will take years to recover.

However, this tragic situation gave people an opportunity to experiment with new work systems such as work from home, the digital transformation of operational activities etc. And the changes which have come out successful are expected to become the new normal post COVID. Many companies have experienced a shift in its network operation. They have transferred their controls online and enabled their employees to work from home. Also, few companies are aiming at building a resilient operating system that is less vulnerable to future pandemic alike situations. While the restructured system is expected to be more resilient and technology-driven, it is important for employees working in any organization to upgrade their skills accordingly to endure their career.

With a large proportion of staff working from home, it is a humongous task for the team leaders to coordinate them. It is one of many changes that are caused by COVID-19. The newly adopted systems are immature and are expected to cause several problems in the functioning of an organization. To assess this type of situation, people with risk management skills are important. So people with strong leadership skills who can drive the workers remotely, this is the best time for you to hone your leadership skills. You could take an online course on management that would act as a catalyst for building your leadership skills. An online management course in a reputed institution can provide assistance via industry experts and case studies that would help you to manage the risks when encountered in a real working environment.

Apart from this, the opportunity created by the pandemic should be utilized too. For example,

COVID-19 has brought big changes in the human lifestyle and his resource consumption. Since most of the firms find the decentralized work culture to be as efficient as the conventional one and more profitable at the same time, the changes in the work-culture are going to last. This is expected to bring a change in investment patterns in stock exchanges. The market trend is anticipated to take a shift from its long driven course. Hence, investment in the right industry would prove beneficial at this time. Also, this is the best time for people who were waiting to enter the stock market domain. But it is advisable to invest some time in learning the skills needed. You could acquire the skills related to the stock market by pursuing stock market courses. The knowledge gained via stock market courses will be helpful in analyzing capital markets and investing accordingly.

But, the current pandemic has shut all educational institutions indefinitely and they are highly unlikely to be opened until the situation gets better. However, people have continued their education by switching to digital platforms of education. This had led to a surge in the number of enrolments in online courses during the COVID-19 lockdown. As the online courses are gaining more acceptance among the recruiters, students and workers have started updating their résumé with valuable certifications via online courses. Especially, the online courses accredited by Educational Institutions have found more credibility among the employers. Apart from that students will be introduced to a new era called the digital education revolution. Considering the perks of online education, it is expected to play a significant role in the future too.


Earn maximum returns by investing with Sensex this pandemic!

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The global pandemic has resulted in widespread job losses and a sharp decline in business activity. Stock markets also saw a steep correction in early 2020, although it made an equally rapid recovery in the second quarter. Indian stock markets are no exception to this pattern. The index recovered 20% of its value between March and the end of June. Such a high level of market volatility brings both big risk and big rewards. As per the analysts, this is the best time for investors to approach the market.

Indian investors should take this opportunity to put their money on the Stock Exchange. India’s stock exchange has historically delivered positive returns in these 6 months! If you are a fresher to capital markets and want to invest in it, its easier than ever before! The first step is to gauge your tolerance of risk, then deciding where to invest in. It is highly advisable to build a mixed portfolio, it is a combination of real estate, equity, fixed income and gold. One of the best practices while investing in a Sensex is to get a financial advisor.

With the right guidance, you should use the opportunity that the pandemic has presented to learn more about investing in the stock market. If you are interested to invest in Sensex, BSE Institute Ltd offers a course on this. To know more, please visit  https://bsevarsity.com/products/investing-with-sensex-online-course

Here’s how you can create value by investing in Private Equity!

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In recent years, investing in private equity firms have pocketed huge sums while stalking ever-larger targets. PE investments are recommended by the market experts as their returns are much higher and they are not affected by the dynamics of the stock market.

Private Equity (PE) is defined as investment in privately held companies by institutional investors, high net worth individuals and private equity firms. PE is not listed on public stock exchanges, their ability to achieve high returns is typically attributed to the number of factors: aggressive use of debt, high-powered incentives both for private equity portfolio managers and for the operating managers of businesses in the portfolio and freedom from restrictive public sector regulations.

Businesses prefer PE funding because PE firms have deep pockets. Through their network of industry experts, PE firms add more value to the company they invest in. PE is now recognized as a major component of the alternative investment universe. It is acknowledged as an established asset class in many portfolios. So, if you want to invest in Private Equity firms, BSE institute Ltd offers a course on this. To know more, please visit: https://bsevarsity.com/…/private-equity-investing-creating-…

Read how you can overshine in your organization!

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If you are a mid-level or senior-level executive who wants to join an elite group of proven business leaders, you need to follow a succession plan! Today, with the dynamic and hyper-linked work environment, a company needs an effective leader who can completely transform the work environment in this digital era. An institution cannot merely remain competitive only in one of the few dimensions of business performances such as cost, quality, services, or speed. To remain ahead of the competition and to survive on this aggressive corporate globe, organizations need to strive for excellence in all dimensions. To achieve the organizational goal, companies are looking for executives who can make decisions and strategic planning in the uncertainty period. 

As per the survey, nearly 65% of organizations need such skillful and effective leaders. So, the scope of and Advanced Manager comes into the picture! To meet the growing demand for Advanced Management Professional, BSE Institute Ltd offers a course! Here, we would encourage the participants to reflect on the debate, synthesize, and analyze different points of view. These inputs will enable you to improve the organizational practices with those of others and thus set the stage for effective strategic leadership. So, if you are interested to know more about our course, please visit http://bsebti.com/bilx/amp/programs/advanced-management-executive-program.aspx

Invested in Mutual Funds? Know some secret mantras…

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Do you often think how much returns would these equity mutual funds offer me? Well then you must know Rs 1lakh invested in Sensex at the time of inception is 3.9 crore today! But how many of you make that kind of money? As per Mutual fund pundits, most investors lose opportunities to create wealth due to their behavior issues. To make a maximum return, investors often tend to make the wrong choices, prompted by hurried investment decisions. If a private bank can become so big, why can’t the investors investing in them become rich? It is because investors panic and lose faith. The longer you stay in the market, the more your money will grow!

The market will show you good returns, bad returns and even zero returns. You have to stay invested to make good returns. You need to consider your mutual fund equity as your gold. If you have gold prices fall, do you go and sell it? Then why do we do that with mutual funds? Just stay for the long term and earn maximum returns. If you want to learn more about Mutual Funds, BSE Institute Ltd offers a course on this. To know more, please visit: https://bsevarsity.com/products/wealth-with-mutual-funds-online-course

The Indian Wealth Management is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 11% by 2025

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Interestingly, more Indians are joining the millionaires club, and wealth management is gaining immense popularity. Even after the pandemic, the Indian markets have managed to handle the crisis and soon we will be experiencing an economic boom. The huge chunks these millionaires possess need to be managed well and thus the increasing demand for a Wealth Manager comes into the picture!

As per the reports, Indian wealth management is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 11% by 2025. India is becoming one of the most sought after services as the affluent mass segment, increase in the wealth of global Indians and rising share of the organized market players such as independent wealth advisors and small brokers as financial advisors are further fuelling growth in the market. Wealth management in our country is still prospering and also proves to be a promising profession for the aspirants. So if you wish to be a Wealth Manager, BSE Institute offers a course on this! To know more, please visit: http://bsebti.com/…/programs/wealth-management-online-course

How the Banking and Finance sector in India has transformed amid the pandemic!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to many industries, governments and people all over the world. Banking and financial services firms in India have seen a positive transformation amid the crisis. Banks have focused on maintaining critical staff at branches and have temporarily deployed staff to manage online or phone enquiries from customers. They’ve also moved mobile ATMs and implemented doorstep banking for senior citizens and other customers that need additional attention.
Several banks and financial institutions have made investments in technology and digital transformation over the past couple of years resulting in the generation of employment opportunities. The Indian financial services industry with banks is making a concerted effort to up their digital game. Banks have addressed the immediate challenges of COVID-19 to strengthen further, they focused on the following things; With the increase in digital customer engagement, banks are working on the cybersecurity and fraud-protection tools to protect its customers. They improved the customer experience with options such as a paperless utility, end to end digital advisory and lending capabilities. And they Focused on making payments safer by increasing limits on contactless payment channels and educating consumers on digital wallets.
So, if you are interested to enter into the banking and financial world, BSE Institute Ltd offers a course on this. To know more, please visit http://makaut.bsebti.com/BBA-in-Financial-Markets.html