Management – Keeping it together

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We have seen some miraculous success’ in various fields. Be it sports, NGOs, Corporate, or any other field, there’s always one thing common in all these success stories. There is a strong senior management in place to provide the right direction, guidance and resources for scripting a success story.

Developing a strong management team is a crucial part of any business. The managers making up the management team must have a certain amount of experience and qualities that qualify them for managing a large and a diverse team of individuals.

Being a manager is a challenging job and one that requires certain qualities that will enhance the overall productivity of the people being managed.

Let’s talk about the qualities that can help an organization succeed.

  1. Appreciate employees

It is important to make sure your employees remain happy and loyal to your firm. Small gestures by leaders can have a long term positive impact on employees. Certain gestures like, giving extra time off, giving out awards to deserving employees, and appreciating the employees’ efforts on social media platforms can go a long way.

This helps in developing a sense of belonging among employees. Moreover it keeps them motivated to strive harder because of the benefits that follow.

The management must ensure that there’s transparency between them and the employees. To ensure this, each employee must be evaluated and given a report that will give them clarity regarding their performance.

  1. Proper training and resources

A good management knows how to get work done from its employees, in the smoothest way possible. The qualities of each manager can be put to test by judging them based on how they get work done from their employees.

A good management will provide all the necessary resources and training needed to make sure that each employee works efficiently and adds value to the company.

The management must also ensure that employees are given constant training which lets them stay updated with the latest trends and technologies.

Some might think investing heavily on training is a waste of time and resources, but little do they realize that this investment is going to pay unparalleled dividends!

  1. Decision Making

Decision making is a crucial phase of this cycle. Before deciding on a particular point, a good management will listen to its employees. This would include suggestions from all levels of hierarchy. Once they have listened to all the employees, next step is to make appropriate decisions and act on it.

This simple process will help inculcate a feeling of being valued among the employees. This will ensure that the employees feel at home, and work to the best of their abilities.

Basically, all the decisions taken by a manager along with his co-managers should benefit the employees while keeping the interests of the company in mind.

These are some crucial qualities that will help any manager succeed in his organization. Keeping in mind the needs of employees and the organization, making decisions that benefit both the parties is key to being a successful manager.

The Converse Corporate Success

During the early 20th century, Converse had just started manufacturing their sneaker shoes. It was in 1917, when they produced their best selling basketball sneaker: the All Star.

In 1932, they went onto sign the basketball sensation, Charles Hollis to market the All Star. The sneaker got its nickname, “the Chuck Taylor”, thanks to Charles Hollis.

In came the NBA in the year 1946, and Chuck Taylor went onto become the most popular sneakers. The success continued for a few decades before the competition started getting fierce. During the late 20th century, Converse was left with just over 2% of the market share.

In 2001, Converse had filed for bankruptcy. Fast forward to 2003, the 105 year old brand was bought by Nike for $305 million.

Nike’s management had a tough task ahead of them. They had to rebrand the whole shoe brand and appeal to the customers.

This was when they decided to produce the special Kurt Cobain and Ramones editions of their famous Chuck Taylors.

The management had John Varvatos, a famous fashion designer, design a high-end line of the chucks.

This was followed by the “Chuck it” campaign in 2007, which saw Daisy Lowe in black and white photographs with a converse on. This decision boosted the sales of Converse and helped them reinvent the brand.

In the year 2016, Converse sales hit $2 billion !

This has to be one of the best corporate turnarounds ever executed. People credit various factors such as advertising, designing, and much more. What people forget is the fact that there’s a management team filled with seasoned managers who look at the bigger picture and take decisions to make the whole project a success.


Management is the final decision making body that holds together an entire organization. They ensure that their subordinates are well connected to their superiors. Moreover, the decisions that they take can either make or break an organization.

No one is born to be a manager. It takes a lot of learning and experience through the years to be a good manager. BSE Institute Limited and IIM Lucknow, have designed an Advanced Management Program (AMP) to sculpt the leader in you. Be the most talented manager at a young age and reach every destination that you desire.

Art of Portfolio Management

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When you look at a financially stable person, you often wonder, “how do they do that”? What differentiates a financially stable and unstable person is their respective investment portfolios.

Today, if you are young and reading this, consider it to be your lucky day. Investing young and building an investment portfolio can take you places. If you know the power of compounding, you will realize how important investing is.

So, where do we begin?

Planning your investment portfolio is not easy. It is quite challenging, even more if you are not good with your personal finance. First of all, managing your portfolios is not simply about, “which stocks to buy”, and “which stocks to sell”. Portfolio management requires self discipline, patience, and a bit of knowledge about the companies you wish to invest in.

I’m not going to talk about the stocks to buy today, instead I will talk about how to build your portfolio and stand out!

Risk taking ability

The first question you must answer before investing and building your portfolio is, what is your risk taking appetite. The stock market today is like a restaurant which offers you variety of food to choose from.

You need to understand that some might have higher risks,but at the same time has the potential to give higher returns.

Similarly, there are shares that come with lesser risks, but the returns could be comparatively lesser. It is up to you to decide your appetite and hand pick the right stocks.

Another important step that you need to take, while deciding your risk taking appetite is to decide your short, medium and long term goals. This will help you construct your portfolio in a better way.

If your appetite for risks is extremely low, you could simply invest in mutual funds which is a much safer option. There are various types of mutual funds in India, starting from equity funds, debt funds, index funds, etc.

Assessing the external financial situation

The next step is crucial- to come up with an investment strategy. By assessing the economic situation of the market, you will be able to predict about the future. This assessment combined with your needs could help you plan for the future.

Since, the market landscape is bound to change with time, it is important that you always keep an eye on it and adjust your portfolio accordingly to reduce losses and maximize gains.

Build your portfolio

Now to the final step. Once you have done your analysis, you can finally start building your portfolio by allocating the necessary asset classes and securities. You can always hire a portfolio manager for expert suggestions. It is important to understand that the whole objective is to minimize the risks and attain your investment goals.

You should not see your investments as a source of long term income. Instead, look at it as a business which could help you make money without actually participating in any business. Once you look at it through a business’ perspective you will realize the impact it could have on your wealth and the benefits that are meant to follow.

Once you have built your investment portfolio, you can relax and continue to keep an eye on the market. Make the appropriate changes as per the market scenario and stick to the strategy.

All the steps we saw are part of a cycle, therefore an investor must ensure that he keeps going about the same steps during suitable intervals. This will ensure that your portfolio is stable and your graph is moving towards your goals.


The world could be a much better place if everyone was financially literate and focused on making their money work for them instead of working for money.

When it comes to the stock market, the potential is endless. BSE Institute Limited’s Executive Program in Wealth Management is a course built for you to exploit the potential of the stock market and multiply your portfolio. This is your chance to learn something incredibly important and secure your future.

Investing in Small-Cap Mutual Funds

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Every person who begins earning is given one common advice,“You become rich only when you consume less than what you produce”.

This doesn’t happen with a salaried job, but by investing regularly in stock market.

Any professional will underscore the importance of being financially independent. You can’t be financially independent just because you have a nice job with a 6 figure salary. Your needs grow faster than your salary. This is where financial intelligence is important. If you can make your money work for you, all your goals shall seem attainable.

That brings us to the Indian Stock Market. An ambitious person will look at the best investing options and diversify his investments. Small-cap funds are popular among investors who are willing to take risks and go big. It is always advisable to have a small portion of your portfolio dedicated to these small-cap mutual funds which might give you some great returns in the longer run.

What are small-cap mutual funds?

Small-cap equity mutual funds invest in equity shares of companies that have a smaller market capitalization. These have potential to give higher returns because of the fact that these companies are young, and tend to expand aggressively. At the same time these are vulnerable to economic slowdown when compared to larger companies. Investors who have an appetite for risks can go for such funds in the market.

What makes it popular?

Small-cap funds are bound to generate higher returns in years to come. There are over 2000 small-cap funds available. When it comes to the BSE small cap index, there is a lack of proper coverage and information. Since the options available in small-cap funds are diverse, it continues to be a great option – as there are many companies which can give you great returns on investment.

Who should invest in small-cap funds?

As we said before, investing in small-cap fund tends to carry greater risk when compared to other mid or large cap funds. An investor who has an appetite for taking risks and is willing to invest for upto 10 years should definitely look at these funds. Someone who has a long term goal like buying a luxury product, a home, education or any such product that could involve lot of money- should keep an eye on small-cap funds.

A good strategy while looking at small-cap funds is to invest through SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans).

Things to consider before investing in small-cap funds?

  1. Risk: Small-cap funds are lesser established companies who can go out of business in case of a market crash. This is one major reason why people avoid investing in such high risk funds. At the same time if everything goes well, the gains could be enormous.
  2. Return on investment: This is better left unsaid. Every single investor has returns on their mind when investing. They look at potential gains before investing and hope that they get best returns in the longer run. No other fund offers better returns than a small cap fund.
  3. Investment period: The market is bound to fluctuate throughout the year. There are times when the downfall is unbearable to an investor. If you cannot manage to stay invested for over 5 years, don’t think about investing here.
  4. Goals: Historically speaking, the market has always seen small cap funds generate better returns. The scope for growth is immense. You could end up making some staggering returns, that can help you retire fast. For someone with a long term financial goal, this is the perfect investment and one that could pay handsome dividends.


Being financially literate is a must, no matter who you are. Master the art of financial investing with BSE Institute Limited’s GFMP Edge Financial Markets Program. With modules that cover basics about capital markets and financial markets, make your money work hard for you and ensure you retire young!

Is Data Science the right step for you?

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Every day is a tech-fest. New technologies, new updates to existing technologies, and hefty increase in investments in research and development. Data Science is a completely new industry that uses many tools that help an MNC multiply its business with ease.

You may have come across terms like data science, data analytics, big data, predictive analytics, etc which will herald a completely new industry with high paying jobs and a secure career. This is definitely true, as big data is helping many businesses sell much more than what they were used to selling. There are companies that are hiring data analytics professionals, because this will increase their efficiency and save them billions of Dollars in wasteful expenditure!

Before you get too excited, let’s answer a few basic questions.


Is Data Science right for you?

A person who doesn’t enjoy his work will be tempted to try a different opportunity instantly. Moreover, a field like data science is paying quite well, due to a dearth of skilled talent.

Let’s settle this by saying, you’re not going to succeed in this field if you don’t have the aptitude for it. You need to have a strong aptitude for mathematics, statistics and common logic for succeeding in this field.


Which skills does the industry need?

A Data Analytics division can be sub-divided into different categories.

  1. One of them is data analysis. It involves analyzing raw data, and ultimately getting actionable insights that can be used by the senior management for critical decision making.

A person who enjoys solving complex business issues is sure to succeed here.

  1. The next category is Business Analysis. Managers with business exposure and who regularly take business decisions are an ideal match for this. More data gives them a better picture and lets them act using information.


  1. The final category, which is definitely the most important one – is that of data scientists. They are the some of the best paid professionals in India and the World. Every Data Analyst and Business Analyst hopes to grow and attain this position. This requires certain standard of skill set, specialized training, and a statistical problem solving approach that matches this job. Having a few years of experience as an analyst is useful. Data Scientists are usually the ones designing key analytics models that help in understanding the industry, consumer markets and consumers themselves.


Entering the industry

Candidates who have practical experience are always preferred over the ones with academic knowledge. When it comes to academics, a candidates with a background in Mathematics, Engineering, and Statistics might have an edge over the rest. These are a few streams which skills which are useful for Data Analytics.

Where to start?

To get a better idea of what Data Analytics has, you could simply opt for one of the online courses on data analytics by Along with that, assess yourself and gain skills that could help you be better to be industry ready.


We are part of a fast moving world, that demands everyone to be versatile. To keep you up with latest industry trends, BSE Institute Limited and IIT Madras offers a Business Analytics Program to nurture the budding data scientists.