Why is learning online better?

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“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.”

– Donna J. Abernathy

Studying in a reputed college is a highly expensive and a time consuming process. Securing admission is quite tough and you need to spend quite a lot of money just to prepare and clear the entrance exams for these colleges. At the end of this process, college fees can be quite exorbitant and many students still do not get the jobs of their choice.

A lot of employers complain that students are just getting degrees and not real world skills, which are needed for building businesses. At the end of a very expensive college degree, students are burdened with an educational loan with a little scope for their dream job. It’s a nerve wracking process that hurts students every year.

Many leading MNCs are now accepting candidates – who may not have a college degree, but have relevant industry exposure or knowledge. They include:

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Ernst & Young
  4. IBM
  5. Penguin Random House

These companies employ thousands of employees around the world and are focused on having employees with the right skills/ experience as compared to just a degree. This is beneficial for the corporates as they do not need to invest in training these candidates again and can expect them to start delivering from day one.

Learning new skills has hence become even more important than passing out from an institute with a degree. One of the best ways to take advantage of these new opportunities is by learning online. It’s because:

1. Learn whatever you want!!

Unlike the traditional education system where one has limited options to choose from, students can easily choose from a host of courses that they choose to study online. Coding, data science, finance, web design, etc are just a few of the popular course categories. Sometimes, students need to change colleges as their choice of course is not available in a particular college.

This limitation does not exist with online learning portals. Today there are hundreds of learning portals which allow people to learn about absolutely any course that they wish to build their careers in. This puts knowledge and skills right in the hands of the people who are genuinely interested in a certain career.

2.  Learn comfortably!!

Learning from the comfort of your home is the biggest advantage of online education. It is not always possible to quit your job and study full time or part time (4 hours/ day). Many people can study only post 9 pm OR 10 pm – which puts traditional education out of their reach. With the option of studying online, people can now easily study whenever they want to, without really depending on any professor or classroom.

3.  Online courses are great for your resume

HR managers do not look down upon online courses. Many managers recognize the fact that a candidate has put in the additional effort to learn more in order to purse a certain interest or a new career path. This is a highlight which stands out on your resume.

Corporates understand that studying while working and managing all your responsibilities is tough. It is a testament to your commitment and your strong will – which helps you stand out in a large crowd of candidates.

4.  Self-paced learning!!

Online courses are designed to teach you certain skills and cover a certain syllabus. How fast are you able to learn and complete this course is totally up to you. In a classroom, its possible to feel frustrated as we have to go by a set pace decided by the faculty. However, with an online course, we can finish certain modules faster, if we have knowledge about them in advance.

With self paced learning, motivated candidates can finish their courses fast and apply for jobs soon.

5.  Cost effective!!

Cost is an important factor which sometimes bars students from economically weaker sections from pursuing higher education. The cost of renting/ buying property to teach students, classroom infrastructure, etc, makes classroom education quite expensive. Without a lot of these overheads, candidates are able to learn skills at a much lower cost.

Many students who would’ve otherwise not planned to study, can now study, at a fraction of the cost of a formal college program.

In the words of Elliott Masie, “we need to bring learning to people instead taking people for learning”. Online courses are truly delivering knowledge to the people.

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