Along with the Sun, an empire rises in the East!

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One of the greatest mysteries of the modern civilized World has always been how, the geographically small UK, France, Portugal and Spain, were able to conquer and colonize a majority of the World! These countries are believed to have discovered most of the landmasses, their sea routes and have ruled almost all of the landmasses that they discovered. How did they achieve this feat, which actually sounds utopian in today’s age?


The answer? Their strong business sense! A lot of historians believe that it was their will to innovate and explore new lands that made a few men Kings. However, the truth is that they just wanted to bring home more money! It is this burning desire to trade more and earn more, which pushed them to look for foreign lands to trade with. It is this desire that helped them be more competitive, in order to beat the existing traders and manufacturers of their future colonies. These explorers gained a lot as they were able to earn without paying too many taxes in these countries and could thus eventually turn these nations into their colonies. This is how monarchies were built. The Kings and Queens realized early on that they first needed to be strong economically and then militarily. Without a big bank balance, it is impossible to build a strong army or navy and hence, it is their lazer like focus on improving trade that helped them colonize most of the World.


Surprisingly, these nations are no longer as influential as they used to previously be. Despite these nations banding together under the banner of the European Union, they still are not the biggest trading block of the World. Countries like America, China, South Korea, Japan and Russia are able to give them a run for their money. As an investor, it is extremely important to not just invest in great opportunities, but rather to spot the next big opportunity.


Nations located in the east have been doing very well for the last few decades. The reason has again been trade. It is their singular focus on becoming economic powerhouses that has helped economies like China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore important economic hubs of the east.


However, as discussed earlier, investors get their best returns when they invest in an economy/ company before it starts firing on all cylinders. This is because the seed fund that they may invest could be very small for a significant amount of equity. They could get over a 100% Return on Investment. This is why investors value those rare uncut, undiscovered diamonds, which can quickly multiply their funds.


Today, even after having every corner of the World well mapped and connected to each other, it still is impossible for savvy investors to identify the right economies and companies to invest in. In this kind of a setup, the most logical thing to do is to invest in an economy that shows the most promise. Australia is one of the most promising economies of the World. It has been growing consistently for the last 27 years. It is the only country in the World to have achieved this rare feat.


Australia was previously ruled by the United Kingdom and it seems to have continued the good policies of the great kingdom. Its singular focus on increasing trade, promoting innovation is what has helped it to keep growing even at the height of the recession of 2008. With an abundance of natural resources, proximity to international markets of Japan, South Korea, China, India and Africa, Australia is on its way to be the next great empire.


Australia has been able to grow consistently due to the support it receives from an understanding Government, an enterprising population and a high profile investor community that has always had its eyes on it. The Government’s annual $10 Billion innovation budget has allowed Australia to have a thriving startup culture that now boasts of some of the best Fintech companies of the World.


Another reason for investing in Australia is the ease with which one can hire skilled talent. The Australian Government publishes a skill list every year, which forms the base for the curriculum of all courses of Universities. This is a list of skills that are badly needed by the economy and hence, tweaking the curriculum to train students with these skills helps corporates get the exact kind of candidates it needs.


Some Australian Universities, like the University of Western Sydney, have been consistently ranked among the top Universities of the World. The courses it offers, helps students be prepared for an international role in a field of their choice. Ex: The MBA it offers jointly with BSE Institute Limited (a reputed financial institute of India), has helped students get recognized and placed globally with salaries of over $50,000!


The Australian economy is one of those rare, well planned ones that offer a great future for everyone who plans to study, work, invest and live there. It definitely is on its way to be an empire in its own right.

Here come the robots! And they bring jobs with them!

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Note: This is not a clickbait title, it’s actually the truth.

The topic of discussion in any board room and dining room today is about robots and artificial intelligence eventually making all human beings redundant on Earth. There are many conspiracy theories which say that this will happen eventually, but the reality is much further away from it.


The lever/ fulcrum can be called the first machine. Although it was rudimentary, it made human work easy. As mankind progressed, we started building bigger machines, that could reduce human efforts and manpower. Machines evolved and have given way to bigger machines, which resulted in the industrial revolution. These machines created many jobs for the common people, who would otherwise be stuck doing menial, monotonous jobs.


The ultimate invention was the computer, a device that could be taught to think on its own and take decisions, that would otherwise take up a lot of our precious time. Computers and the internet clubbed together have given birth to the information revolution – i.e. the next phase of the industrial revolution. Whatever we know today can change rapidly. The speed at which technology and business models are evolving, we may soon call 2 years to be a long time in the timeline of a product/ company.


Computer robots/ bots are performing many of the tasks that junior executives in many technology, insurance, bank, finance and retail industries perform. Scanning, recording and billing products in retail stores is nothing but a bot/ machine making our task easier. Similarly, we have bots who advertise for us online, bots that manage our accounts, bots that trade on the stock market and now we also have bots that can manage production lines.


However, the one thing that does not change is that, we will always need humans to stay in charge, to supervise, to design them, to build new ones, to write programs and to repair the old ones when they malfunction. This is the reality of bots. Bots will always need us to show them the direction, to tell them the difference between right and wrong, etc. Without humans, bots have no instructions and they have no reason for existence.


Additionally, bots are creating jobs and industries that did not exist earlier. Another advantage that companies using bots have is that they can base all their employees in 1 country and service the entire globe. That is the power of bots.


These are just some low hanging fruits that a few countries cannot let go of. New Zealand plans to launch Robo Advisory services on a large scale in 2019. Robo Advisors are financial planners who help retail investors plan their finances better. Robo Advisors help investors invest appropriately in debt, equity or any other market linked financial instrument based on the risk appetite of the investor.


Robo Advisors are becoming popular as you can easily and immediately get any information related to the markets on your smart phone or your laptop. The pilot studies and soft launches that were done by fintech startups proved that robo advisory services were appreciated by the citizens of New Zealand. It is on the basis of this positive response that major fintech companies plan to ramp up hiring in this segment and reach out to more retail investors.


One of the biggest challenge that businesses face worldwide, is absent in New Zealand. Recruitment of skilled talent! A major reason for fintech startups to invest in New Zealand is because the requisite talent is easily available. New Zealand has historically had excellent Universities that have consistently been ranked among the best of the World. This has allowed every business to hire students with ease.


One of the most prestigious University of New Zealand is the University of Otago – a 149 year old venerable centre of excellence. It has the distinction of teaching, training and skilling graduates with industry relevant skills and knowledge. Their Masters in International Business is apt for recruiters looking to hire students who can manage a global business. It is a 12 month programme offered jointly with BSE Institute Limited, one of India’s leading financial institutes. Students graduating from this course have a record of bagging jobs paying $50,000.


Technology keeps evolving for the betterment of mankind. The only way people realize that anything is beneficial for them is when they enjoy its fruits! Robo Advisors are here to stay as they do much more than normal financial planners. It’s only a short period of time before people see their benefits and accept them wholeheartedly! Cheers to a new way of wealth creation.



Here’s why Australia is ground zero, for the next industrial revolution!

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Over the course of the last 3 centuries, transport, communication, trade and many more important features of our lives have changed rapidly. However, the one thing that has been consistent through the ages is, that the ones who are proactive enough to visualize and try new things and those who are smart enough to invent better products/ solutions, are the ones who have profited and stayed wealthy over the years.


This is true specifically for seafaring European nations, who set out to discover distant lands in order to trade more and earn more. As they faced competition and got many more consumers across geographies, European businessmen were forced to come up with solutions that could help them produce more goods. This is considered to be the reason for the birth of the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution is said to be a major milestone in history, that signaled the advent of large scale manufacturing. The industrial revolution is what gave birth to Multi-National-Corporations (MNCs), as they now had the ability to sell their products in many countries. It is the manufacturers who have been the most successful individuals of this age.


With the invention of the calculator and then the computer, man, was finally able to do multiple tasks at the same time, thus automating a lot of the menial work that had to be done by hand. This was the beginning of the information age. The information age is the one we are living in. An age, where no information is hidden from anyone, an age where everything can be learnt easily by the searching it online. The information age is the next leg of the industrial revolution. A major aspect of this age is the ease at which any and every information is available to all. The most successful individuals of this age are the tech gurus, the innovators and the ones who are comfortable with computers.


In both these ages, it’s innovation, which has allowed people to move up in life. So what is the next stage of our evolution? We have moved from the invention of fire, to the steam engine, to factories, to computers and the big question is what’s next? Only a great visionary who’s willing to take the risks will be able to predict or invent products that take us to the next stage.


The next era is already here. Although, the exact term is debatable, it certainly is the digital age is many ways. We are moving to an era where everything from banks, finance, insurance, retail, security, data, etc is digital.


The digital age is not limited just to our smart phones and laptop. It is now moving towards connecting each and every device – TV, washing machines, cards, phones, lights, ACs, etc. How does one visualize, what could be the next big innovation that changes the world and shifts the balance of power. It is tough!


However, it is important to note that all these successful countries had one thing in common – they supported the innovators and risk takers to the hilt! Without financial and Government support, new startups find it extremely difficult to build world changing technology and businesses.


The million dollar question is can you be at the right place, at the right time and be doing the right thing? A tough question, but it’s certainly doable. One just needs to see which country is the most proactive in adopting and promoting the use of new technology.


Australia is one country which is making an all out effort in this regards.


$10 billion Innovation Budget


Australia budgets over $10 billion annually for supporting startups and innovators. This fund attracts entrepreneurs from across the globe. Entrepreneurs who are able to successfully conduct pilot studies and launch their products in a small area also get access to more funds from both – the public & private sectors. The $10 billion fund is one rare Government support system, which many countries lack and yearn for. It acts as a magnet for skilled talent and innovative tech, that may otherwise have made another nation stronger!


Digital Framework


Australia is in the process of developing a regulatory agenda for a digital economy. It means that the Australian Government is identifying the key factors necessary for building a digital infrastructure for the future. They are thus trying to get hold of the key players and understand the budgetary requirements for building this infrastructure. By doing so, the country will be in a much better situation to face an economy that is highly digital. By being one of the first countries to do so, Australia is creating a well defined road map for investors and businesses to begin operations and settle. Well designed infrastructure is the first thing that investors look for before investing in a country. By setting this up, investors are more inclined to invest in the country.


The digital framework is necessary in every economy as the internet is still quite new for most of us. A new digital business is built everyday and it takes quite sometime for investors and legislators to understand how the business operates and helps the economy. Thus, having a thought out structure to support the business and the investor always helps.


Intellectual Property Protection


Australia is building a framework to protect intellectual property and provide a great opportunity for innovation. No inventor can succeed if their product/ innovation is easily copied by another man/ business. All the effort that he puts in building a product/ business flows down the drain if he/ she is not given an opportunity to build a successful business around it. Why would anyone invest in a company if they know that the products can be easily copied and may lose value soon?


With a robust framework in place, Australia protects innovators and investors from getting ripped off. With a sound system in place for IP protection, businesses will always prefer to operate in Australia over any other country.


Australian Universities that use skill shortage lists


What good is an economy, if it cannot provide the talent that its businesses need? Businessmen can create products, get purchase orders and set the ball rolling for almost everything, but they cannot be expected to manufacture everything on their own! Recruitment is a key business function for corporates across the globe. An inability to get the right talent has resulted in the failure of many businesses.


The Government of Australia comes up with a Skill Shortage list every year. This list describes the skills that various industries need countrywide. Universities are expected to tweak their course curriculum in order to train and skill students with the right kind of skills.


The University of Western Sydney is one of Australia’s most prestigious Universities. It offers many industry relevant courses that help students to get a great job right after graduation. One of the most sought after courses is their MBA, which they offer with BSE Institute, one of India’s best financial institutes. The course is popular as it has a record of students getting placed with salaries of over $50,000 right after graduation.


Smart Manufacturing


Just like mass manufacturing led to the industrial revolution, smart manufacturing will lead to a revolution in manufacturing. Smart manufacturing is basically the ability to reduce human intervention and produce many more products than what we currently can. It results in better quality, lower prices and more revenue for manufacturers. With Australia being situated close to large markets of India, China and Africa, Australia is the most preferred destination for setting up large scale manufacturing units that can ship to major markets of the World.


This is why, smart manufacturing is one of the hotest topic that is being discussed. It can easily make this country continent, the next Great Britan.


These points are key to building an excellent infrastructure, which can in turn make Australia the next global economic giant.


The steps Australia is taking may or may not be in the right direction – that’s something which only time can tell. However, what is positive about these actions is that a Government is planning well ahead of time, hoping to become the next big economic powerhouse. Success and failure may come and go, but it is the continuous effort that make the World a better place.


How does a nation punch above its weight? With technology!

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One of the biggest mysteries of the human civilization has been how some countries have continued to be extremely powerful and highly influential for centuries together, despite being outnumbered by other large and populous countries. The answer is the same as it was a century ago – technology!


What separates mankind from other species is our highly developed intelligence. The more we use it, the better we become. Thus, the nations with better technology are the ones that move ahead in all spheres and have the ability to get better terms of trade, when negotiating.


The island of Great Britan thrived and ruled many countries for well over a century was because of its ability to manufacture and trade goods at a rapid pace. Manufacturers in the UK could produce and sell goods at a rapid pace due to the industrial revolution. Human beings can never beat machines, that could produce 10 products at once. This allowed the UK to have superior lines of supply and products which gave them sources of income from many nations across the globe.


The British were able to colonize many countries across the World due to their ability to build superior ships that could withstand the storms of the high/ deep seas that allowed them to go further and explore different lands. Similarly, their superior weapons – guns, cannons, warships, etc allowed them to win wars easily.


Thus, despite being an island nation with limited resources, technology is what allowed the UK to conquer, trade and be one of the most prosperous country of the World. With more trade, they were able to earn more and build more industries, that again help them to earn more.


The same is true for countries like Japan, South Korea and Germany. Due to their technological prowess, their products have always been in great demand. A Made in Japan/ South Korea/ Germany product, etc commands a lot of premium due to their superior technology.


Thus, technology is a key ingredient, without which it is tough to succeed in international trade. Most people feel that developing/ small economies don’t stand a chance against developed economies. However, the exact opposite is true. Due to the internet, knowledge is easily available online and the technology that may  seem out of reach, is actually quite close. Reverse engineering has allowed many nations to get important tech/ products, that may otherwise have been out of their reach. This has allowed nations to develop their own technology, without relying on external support.


There are very few countries that have succeeded in getting their own citizens to develop technology from scratch and have them earn revenue and foreign exchange for the economy. New Zealand is one of those rare economies which is thriving due to the revenue that technology is bringing in.


Fintech is the latest technology that is changing the way banking is done. With Fintech, existing banking, finance, trading and insurance services are set to be revolutionized and New Zealand is leading the way.


  • Technology is New Zealand’s 3rdlargest exported goods/ services.
  • Over $875 Million was raised by private tech companies in 2017.
  • These companies have contributed over $10 Billion in revenue for the economy.
  • Tech companies have hired a record 40,000 people and they plan to hire even more in 2018.


Internet technology companies have a distinct advantage over other technology companies. You can sell goods and services across the globe by having just one office. Your website/ mobile app act as your salesmen online. Thus, if you have a good product/ technology, you can mint an unlimited number of Dollars with the same resources.


Another advantage is that your geographic location doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, where you work from. As long as your product is up to industry standards, the product sells well! All you need to do is ship the product to the buyer and that’s it.


One of the reasons for tech companies to be successful is the vast amount of skilled talent available. New Zealand is home to some of the best Universities in the World. The University of Otago is a great example. With a glorious history of over 149 years, it has some of the best professors who have decades of industry experience. The curriculum is modified each year to suit the needs of the industry. Students find it easy to build international careers with the programs that the University offers.


One of the most prestigious courses the University offers is the Masters in International Business. It offers it jointly with BSE Institute Limited, one of India’s most prestigious financial institute. It focuses on helping students become International Business Analysts, Business Consultants, Strategy Analysts, etc. Students completing this course have successfully bagged jobs offering $50,000. It truly is a great course to choose.


Apart from a strong University culture, businesses are supported by a welcoming Government that offers multiple tax breaks for businesses that create jobs and increase their foreign exchange reserves.


$10 billion in revenue is a figure that even large economies like India or Australia have not achieved through Fintech. Technology is certainly the only way for economies to grow stronger and stay dominant in a hyper competitive world. Not having the right tech may be a hindrance for some today, but it’s certainly not one that sticks to you forever.


Recession doesn’t affect this country!

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After 2008, the whole world dreads the “R” word and for all the right reasons. Almost no country has been spared by the wrath of the 2008 recession. While some countries had a close shave, many countries felt the hit a few months after its onset. However, most of the civilized world did feel the painful recession in one way or the other. It certainly was a hard blow for economies across the world, when investors turned away from the markets and invested only in safe financial instruments. Many financial institutions like the Lehmann brothers, were forced into bankruptcy and it resulted in widespread unemployment.

Among all this chaos, there’s a country that not only survived, it has thrived in this global economic uncertainty. It has been able to build on its stellar record with substantial growth. We are talking about Australia, a country that can proudly boast of being recession free for over 28 years now, .i.e. it has posted a growth in GDP for every quarter of the year for the last 28 years. Here’s Australia for you, holding the record for the longest run of uninterrupted GDP growth in the developed world.

Australia is the largest mixed market economy of the world, has a GDP of AUD$1.69 trillion, making it the 14th largest national economy with respect to nominal GDP. What’s even more praise worthy is that it has one of the highest rate of wealth per adult, only second to Switzerland.

A deeper dig at the country’s dynamics reveal that finance and insurance are main industries, making for more than 8% of the total contribution to the GDP, employing nearly 4,00,000 young professionals annually.

Over the past few years, finance has become one of the most sought after careers in the world, with major employers being financial institutions, international and national investment banks, asset and fund managers and regional banks. However, the options don’t end there. There are also opportunities in specialist divisions such as retail banking, financial markets, financial planning and many other financial solutions providers. The plethora of options in the banking and financial services industry and the size and complexity of many of its institutions means that there is an immensely diverse range of career paths available for fresh graduates entering this industry. The global nature of financial services also means there is significant potential for overseas work or secondment offshore.

If you’re a finance enthusiast, looking forward to pave a way up the ladder of a lucrative career in finance, here’s how Australia will be just the best option to start with.

  • Australia is currently home to 56 banks including 12 domestic banks and 44 foreign subsidiary or branch banks.
  • Australia holds one of the world’s largest pools of funds under management, currently valued at about $1.2 trillion.
  • It also boasts of having the second-largest stock market in Asia (after Japan) and ranks eighth in the world.
  • It is among the top ten Global destinations for Foreign Direct investment, attracting an annual average of $ 47 billion.
  • It is one of the earliest adopters of disruptive technologies and thus is largely driven by innovation.
  • One of the most globally integrated economy, which is also a part of and plays an integral role in Asia’s dynamic economy.
  • Australia comprises of young multicultural workforce, with enterprising mindsets.
  • In an uncertain world, Australia’s stable institutions and good governance make it one of the safest places in the world.
  • All the other industries such as resources and energy, agribusiness, education and tourism, have also been booming in the country.

Australia’s economic resilience and growth prospects are unsurpassed among major advanced economies. It also enjoys the advantages of having a strategic business location and being politically stable, making it one of the most attractive destinations for investors and for people considering to pursue a career in finance.

Things couldn’t get any better for Indian students with BSE Institute Limited offering an MBA jointly with one of the most reputed Australian University, The Western Sydney University. The course trains students to be qualified as global Financial Analysts, Credit Risk Management Analysts, and M&A Analysts and Financial Managers. Most freshers are placed with annual salaries of over $50,000.

Kick start your career in finance with all the right choices and never worry about placements and growth.


Think Brexit’s helping the EU? Think again, it’s actually helping Australia!

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Finance is the backbone of any economy, making it one of the most lucrative careers to pursue. However, a closer look at the industry depicts a different story. The tables have turned drastically in the recent past. With governments and international organizations promoting financial inclusion, fintech is the new buzzword for the doyens of the industry. Fintech industry has been warmly welcomed globally and the credit goes to increased access to the Internet and social media, coupled with the market getting flooded with smartphones, tablets and computers. With all these factors in play and people questioning financial institutions after the sub prime crisis, the much needed integration of finance and technology to bring about automated and efficient financial services solutions, has garnered a lot of attention. The popular solutions include mobile wallets, micro financing, alternative lending, etc. There’s also a lot of opportunity that allows startups to break through the current conventional financial systems.

With Britain losing the grip on a host of things post the Brexit vote, Fintech has also followed suit. Fintech startups have been moving their offices to other European cities.

To retain the financial stature of London being the financial capital of the world, the government has strategically, revamped an agreement with Australia to establish a “fintech bridge”, which is a clear win for both the countries.

UK, sees Australia as a gateway to the Asian Market as many Australian start ups have secured a strong foothold in Asia. With a “fintech bridge”, it has become easy for UK fintech startups to penetrate these markets. Having said that, what’s in it for Australia? Basically, the said Fintech Bridge would streamline the licensing process in both countries, which essentially means that it’s now easier for Australian fintech companies to pitch to UK clients, as the licenses they hold in Australia will now be accepted in the UK too. This would save them time, efforts and money, when expanding to the UK. The bridge has given Australian companies a great opportunity for a collaborative effort with UK companies. With the biggest benefit being establishment of a quick compliance mechanism in both the countries.

This has allowed Australia to gain access to the lucrative UK market that will surely have a close relationship with the EU and it has helped the UK avoid too many MNCs from leaving their shores. It’s a solution that has helped both UK and Australia.

Australia, in the recent past has made major progress in the field of finance and technology and is growing at a rapid pace. The Australian Fintech wunderkinds have been putting up a tough fight against every major global financial giant. Australian startups are clearly industry leaders in terms of creativity, accessibility and problem solving. The Australian government is more than supportive. The approach of these companies is on point, simple, yet effective. Their strategy of first focusing on establishing a strong presence in the local market and then venturing into global markets is paying rich dividends. Australian consumers have been highly receptive to the latest trends in the finance industry as most start ups are focusing on solving a grassroots issue like – tackling the loose change conundrum, making tracking of bank charges easy, etc. basically things that come handy on a day to day basis and establishing a level of trust among the users.

The credit for the excellent startup culture goes primarily to Australian Universities. Australian universities focus on imparting skills and education that is currently in vogue. Educational institutions are promoting fintech as an industry that will create millions of new jobs  and many leading universities have various courses for the same.

The University of Western Sydney is one of the best for learning about global finance. The alumni vouch for the experienced faculty and the rigorous course structure that focuses on technical knowledge & practical skills, which are needed to function well in the increasingly evolving financial environment. The course structure is also highly industry specific as it is developed by individuals who are actively involved in the financial sector. The university is best known for supervision and assistance for research studies and instilling entrepreneurial values among the students.

The icing on the cake is that this world class university, offers a Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Applied Finance, jointly with BSE institute Limited, a premier financial institute of India. The course trains students to be qualified as global Financial Analysts, Credit Risk Management Analysts, and M&A Analysts and Financial Managers who easily get a salary of over $50,000 in their first job after college.

Your Gold Coast dreams aren’t that far after all.

Innovation & creative destruction is what makes a successful nation

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Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a path breaking idea turn an industry up on its head!

The cards seem to be just in favour for innovation in the financial sector. The conventional finance industry badly needed creativity and innovation to help improve their processes. This has been a much needed change to bring to life the vision of financial inclusion and literacy. This a revolution sparked by a change in consumer preferences due to advancements in the digital economy. With an aim to have a cashless economy, innovation that is affordable and easily accessible to all is what dictates he order for the day.

The progress in this direction so far is praise worthy. Technology is extending financial literacy beyond the old circles of well to do. The future of wealth management looks promising. Automation of services has made mass extension of sophisticated wealth management services, thus making it more democratic. Mobile channels have undoubtedly enhanced consumer interaction and service delivery, making the services extremely transparent, convenient and accessible. Despite the luxury of personalized plug ins, the whole process still remains very cost effective. The advancements have been so rapid, that the far fetched dream of robo advisors, which seemed nothing more than a science fiction is now a reality.

Apart from wealth management, banking and insurance sectors are also enjoying the benefits that technology offers. Mobile banking has been a major achievement. It has allowed new comers and startups to compete with established bankers. These players are winning the market by offering mobile users facilities such as peer to peer money transfers, photo bill payment, voice recognition and much more. The entire banking process including on boarding and servicing, may soon be completely virtual. In order to keep up with the tech savy customer, banks are now trying their best to deliver seamless and customized services instead of one- size-fits-all approach. They tend to enhance the value proposition and customer experience as well.

With the innovations, the apprehensions of a cashless economy are also disappearing. Integrated and streamlined applications, have made settling accounts easier than ever before. What is absolutely bewildering is, that now all the parties involved in a transaction are completely safeguarded against any frauds, all thanks to innovations like geotagging, biometrics and digital tokens. All these innovations are highly economical and have made us more connected as a society.

The insurance industry has also been positively helped by the technological developments. An industry which is vastly connected to automobile and healthcare is also evolving rapidly with them. Sensors, modern communication protocols and advanced analytics are few of the many developments, that are changing the phase of insurance industry, making it more personalized, transparent and accurate.

All these technological advancements are reshaping the financial sector, giving rise to employment opportunities. One of the countries leading the change is New Zealand. It is one of the first countries to contemplate changing the law that restricts robo advisory services. This is a huge leap forward in providing more targeted, proactive and personalized advice on a range of products. Other than this, New Zealand is home to many innovative fintech start ups which have a clear heads up from the government and the investors. Many predict fintech to be a game changer for New Zealand’s economy.

New Zealand’s economy has been performing well for quite sometime now and as a result, it has attracted many investors. With the advent of fintech, the economy has performed better and hence is a hotspot for job prospects. This is especially true for the finance sector.Even students are encouraged to pursue entrepreneurial ventures and are provided complete support in the direction.

A good news for international students is that the renowned BSE Institute Limited is now offering a variety of degrees jointly with one of the most trusted universities of New Zealand, The University of Otago. The courses offered jointly are Master of Finance, Master of Professional Accounting and Master of International Business. These courses offer an in depth understanding of finance, thus allowing students to tackle the challenges of a dynamic business environment. These degrees are internationally recognized and open the doors for lucrative global career opportunities.

With a heady mix of innovation, investment and the right contributions from the Government, New Zealand is shaping out to be every investors’ and innovators’ liveliest dream. Evolving fast in this world is the key to make it big and New Zealand with all its innovative start ups seems to have cracked that code.



Make the Gold coast your goal post!

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In an age where technology is challenging every industry that has dominated the globe for decades, it‘s tough to imagine or predict the future for any industry. Technology has disrupted every possible sphere of our lives and has made many existing processes redundant.

Diverse industries such as banking and retail are today dominated by engineers with an excellent understanding of their customers. Geography is not a barrier. Technology allows you to start a business in any country and expand it rapidly to any country or continent. In an age, where the next big tech titan/ disruptor could be coming from any part of the world, choosing a specific field of education is proving tough for students.

This is true especially for students who hope to move abroad and learn at the best Universities.Globally the best Universities are located in UK, US, EU, Australia and New Zealand. Deciding on one of these countries is proving to be tough, as each economy is highly competitive, with its own specific advantages.

For years, UK and EU have been top destinations for higher education. Since the Brexit vote in 2016, there has been a steep fall in the investments these economies attracted. This is primarily due to the uncertainty that the continent faces as no Government or Corporate is sure of the way business will be transacted in future. No banks lend and no businesses invest large sums of monies with a high degree of uncertainty. This has put a lot of major business decisions on hold.

This has added to the confusion that most students face.With all the reforms post Brexit, a lot of Multi National Companies (MNCs) are withdrawing from the UK and setting up HQs in other countries. Many Asian companies headquartered in China and Japan, who employ many individuals in UK, would be the first ones to exit. As hard hitting as it sounds, but it’s only wise to explore the world for other better opportunities.

Here is an alternative that every student must consider.


Australia is one economy  that the World is highly positive about. The reasons are quite simple. It is the only country which has not seen a recession for the past 27 years! Yes, even the sub-prime crisis of 2008 could not dent the economy! It has been experiencing a steady growth for 27 straight years.

The Australian Government has focused and invested heavily in exports and in training its  population with the skills required for supporting those exports. This has helped the economy to hum along even in a tough global economic scenario. This singular focus on skill development has ensured that Australia has some of the best Universities of the world.

The island continent is one of the most popular destinations among international students for higher studies. The quality of education is undoubtedly the finest coupled with a great cultural diversity and a welcoming local population.

Australian Universities are best known for providing a unique type of education with a teaching approach that encourages one to be innovative, creative, most importantly, an independent thinker and a problem solver. Graduates from Australia are successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide. Adding to all these primary benefits, the standard cost of living and quality of life that one can expect here, is much better than other cities of the World.

The Australian Quality Training Framework has been set up by the Government to strengthen the quality assurance processes in education. Australia provides the most rigorous protection for international students through Education Service for Overseas Students (ESOS). This is a sigh of relief for students and their parents, who are worried about students, their safety and their future prospects. Hence, this provides a safe and a conducive environment for students.

Now if finance is your career choice, then you definitely need to consider Australia. Australia has always had a reputation for adopting new technology and encouraging innovators. The fact that Australia, has one of the highest rates of internet penetration in the world, goes a long way to prove this point. Facilities for teaching, training and research are world-class in terms of both state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms, along with outstanding libraries and industry mentorship programs.

The University of Western Sydney is one of the best choices for students in this respect.The University has tied up with BSE Institute Limited, to jointly offer an MBA for those who wish to build an international career. The course trains students to be qualified as global Financial Analysts, Credit Risk Management Analysts, and M&A Analysts and Financial Managers.

Considering all this, Australia is undisputedly one of the best emerging academic destinations to consider while making the big decision.